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Hello my name is

Giovanna O'Halloran-Bindi

and welcome to "Kalmatherapies".

I am a qualified ITEC therapist in Holistic massage. I am also a CthA, Complementary Therapists Association, professional member. I trained in Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Aquamassage, Dramatherapy, Storymassage, Bio-emotional therapy and pregnancy massage.
I am also very pleased to have successfully published my first novel "The Third Vision" which is a story based around an exciting adventure that takes place in Ancient Egypt, Glastonbury and my home country Italy. It's full of mystery whilst focusing on personal energy and how we can use it to our benefit so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I love to research and learn new therapy techniques and create my own style, adapting it to different clients considering that each person is totally UNIQUE!
If you decide to come for a treatment with me you will find Kalmatherapies is based at 232 Wood Vale London SE23 3EA - (See MAP). There's FREE PARKING outside.
My technique reflects exactly my lifestyle which is a joyful fusion of relaxation, healing and therapy but it is NOT sexual so please do not ask for sexual services as this goes against my Professional aims. (See EXTRAS' )

See also our: PRICE LISTMAPEMAIL And check out our exciting selection of SHAMANIC RITUALS too!

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

Giovanna is an esoteric Italian woman who was born in Florence in 1963.

After studying Art at College she spent time as an Artist, Art Teacher, Graphic Designer and Puppeteer before focusing on Energy Work as a Therapist.

Her esoterically themed paintings have been exhibited in Italy and are also available on-line.

She lives and works in London, running her own company 'Kalmatherapies' with her husband, Hypnotherapist Noel O'Halloran-Bindi who helped with suggestions and also translating and editing the English version from the Italian original, whilst retaining as much of the beautiful Italian prose as possible.

She regularly participates in Poetry and Performance groups and provides healing and insight for clients using crystals, singing bowls, gongs and her own distinctive style of massage in the London area. She has one son Christian Bernini who also lives in London.


Giovanna's new Novel "The Third Vision" is now complete! and you can purchase your own copy of her ebook here.


It features insights into the theory and practice of 'The Third Vision' which can help ALL of Humanity to join together to achieve the improvements in our daily life which will enrich our personal connection with ourself and others and ultimately this beautiful planet which we all share.

As the Introduction to 'The Third Vision' states:

"This is Lunia’s story, a young woman who dreams of escaping from her family and from the rest of the world that she observes through her window. 

One day, she discovers a strange object, which brings her into contact with Alex, a young American archaeologist engaged in excavations of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

Together they discover that they have a surprising destiny reserved for them, as they adventure across Egypt, Italy and England whilst researching a precious oracle: the Key that opens a mystery for all human kind on Earth. 

Fused between spirituality and thriller, their adventure blossoms into a rich scenario full of fantasy, which flows like a flooding river into the great sea of the Universe - with all of its secrets."



“We are not rigid separate things, but fluid elements in continuous vibration; like cells of the same blood, we are moving into the river of life, carrying with us nourishment for one body that encloses us all as pillars of the same temple.”

'The Temple of Life' Poem by Giovanna O'Halloran-Bindi ©2006


Gong & Sound Baths

Gong Baths Kalmatherapies

As part of her work with Shamanic Energy Giovanna uses sound throughout her treatments as it acts in a pure way to harmonise with the clients own energy centres. Kalmatherapies Sound Baths have even been featured on the BBC World Service (see video below)

There is nothing for you to do but relax and allow the beautiful ancient sounds to wash over you and bathe your body in loving vibration.

Because sound is devoid of opinion or judgement I like to think of its energy like neutral waves of unconditional love being sent out to the recipient, having a really activating and positive affect on their energy chakras and taking them to a place of calm introspection and deep healing.

Clients often have a profound reaction to the vibrational harmonics which conjure up deep felt emotions with its majestic primeval sound.

You can receive a full gong & sound bath without massage for up to one hour by booking one through Kalmatherapies or you may want to include it in your own Shamanic Ceremony. We are pleased to provide Gong baths for individuals or groups.

The cost of a one hour individual gong & sound bath is just sixty pounds.

Read more about his on our Shamanic Services page.

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