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Giovanna is an Italian Artist who was born in Florence.
She went to Art School where she achieved an Art teacher diploma and went on to run a successful Graphic Design business whilst continuing her love of Fine Art.

Her love of music, poetry and photography inspires her mind to make art which she also taught to Italian students for several years.

She has worked on large wall murals in London properties and even produced theatrical props  which she used to great effect as a storyteller-performer when she presented stories for children which she had written herself.

Her work stretches the viewers mind all the way from representative images to fantastic surreal visions of a very mystical nature, tapping into the deep subconscious visions of familiar yet 'other-worldly' creatures.

Mysterious events surround many of her paintings, the most profound being 'The Blue Woman' which hangs in the Maternity Wing of the Santi Cosma e Damiano Hospital in Pescia, Tuscany. It is there in pride of place in the main entrance area, having been credited by numerous couples as having brought to them the gift of parenthood, (often after years of being unable to achieve pregnancy).

Blue woman2.jpg

Giovanna in front of her 'Blue Woman' painting at the Maternity Hospital in Pescia, Tuscany in 2018

Giovanna has used printed images of this same painting with continued success and has been asked to provide copies of the print for couples who went on to conceive, against all the prevailing medical opinions.

Who knows what energy magic is at work here?

Suffice to say that Giovanna continues to trust her intuition on all her artistic projects which also include powerful magnetic Talismans which she sells online for those wishing to avail themselves of their powerful energy.

What is certain is that Giovanna will continue to create by following the instructions from her most powerful muse - her own heart.

Giovanna Sand3.jpg
Giovanna Sand2.jpg
Giovanna Sand.jpg
The Hidden Colour.jpg

Happy children enjoying one of Giovanna's Art Classes in Tuscany, Italy. (2003)

Giovanna speaks fondly of her time as an Art Teacher:

"During one of my art's workshops with children I asked them to observe a tree that looked out of the window. After a few moments I asked them to describe the colours. It was springtime and the day was full of sunshine, so excited children began to list the colours of the tree: “light green...”said a child, “dark green...” said another, “yellow, brown ...”and so on.


After they had expressed their observations I said: -”There is a particular colour that you have not yet seen.”and they looked at me silently trying to understand what it was, then I said: -”It's the hidden colour, which is visible only to the sensitive artist, it's the SILVER. The children were surprised and still could not understand where the silver was on the tree that they had observed carefully describing all the colours. -”The silver is the colour of the light” I said to them. -”look the leaves, are green and bright, vibrant in the sunshine and seem to dance with the wind to the music.” At that moment the room was playing soft music which, with the fragrance of incense, had created THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT.


The children then looked out the window to see the dance of the tree and so they saw the silver colour. It was the spring of the 2003 and that was my first day of Art class in the primary school of Casalguidi, a small country town in Tuscany. The word SILVER was the keyword for the introduction of the course that led the children towards the path of THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT. Remember, technique is important but is the magic that makes the observer a true artist.


The following lessons were all exciting, the children played a work full of Art and Poetry,always accompanied by the sweet notes of music and colours of nature, which then gave an amazing result where they could experience their Art potentiality. Many years have passed since then, but every time I stop to observe a tree dancing in the wind and in the sunshine I still see those children on that day, with the wonder in their eyes seeing the SILVER colour, then they turned and looked at me smiling so I realised that the magic of the moment is invisible to the eye but not the heart."



The Blue Woman.JPG
Feminine Universe.jpg
The Moon.JPG
Classic Music.jpg
The Mask.JPG
dark angel.JPG
Nudo 1.JPG
38 London bus.JPG
nudo (2).JPG
white rose.jpg
red rose.jpg
The Begin.jpg


Self Portrait.jpg

Watercolours & Sketches

Angelo Nero.jpg
The Butterfly.jpg
The Musician.jpg
The Dark Angel.JPG
Sad Angel.jpg
White Flower.jpg
The Blue Prince.jpg


Sand Art1.jpg
white rose2.jpg
Sand Art3.jpg

Available to Buy

-Magnetic Talismans-


"The White Rose"

The White Rose
White Rose Mag.jpg

The White Rose is a symbol of freedom from negativity and an inspirational image that will help your mind focus on the positivity in life which can seem to be so lacking right now.

This magnetic talisman is carefully designed to attract positivity into your life and is an accurate reproduction of an original painting by Giovanna Bindi, an Italian artist and therapist who dedicates her work to balance energy with creative healing therapies.

Symbols have been used for eons by those who understand the Universal messages that bless those who need to receive an answer to their questions. On this picture is printed a special message from the gospel saying:

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it"
John: Chapter 1 : Verse 5

As we know the Holy Bible is a powerful book which speaks loudly now to announce a particular time that can not be denied.

The original painting hangs in Giovanna's studio where she practices her healing therapies designed to allign spirit, mind and body, using gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystals, massage and rituals to heal many satisfied clients.

To ensure continuity of powerful healing energy Giovanna has embued each item with energy from the original painting and signed each one on its reverse as a mark of authenticity.

Giovanna snds heartfelt wishes to everyone who purchases the talisman for strength to realise all of their dreams.


Jesus Mag.jpg

The Spirit of Jesus is within us all and it links us with the Divine elements of our existence so that we can experience God's beauty during our time here on Earth expressed in pure, unconditional LOVE!

Whenever you find you need to call on your inner strength to overcome life's obstacles this Talisman can help to focus your mind on Jesus' power in speaking the truth, with such courage that he still admired and worshipped as an incredible role model for each of us during our times of difficulty.

Use this Talisman to search within you for Divine Love and knowledge that can only be fully experienced when they are encountered with complete honesty, a combination that makes a mere human being feel close to invincible.



Mary Mag.jpg

Feminine energy is so often overlooked when the dominant male energy gets so much attention but it is essential to balance that outward power with the intuitive inner strength and knowledge that exists within the sacred feminine.

The Ying must have the Yang just as the Dark has the Light and the out-breath has the in-breath. All are vital components of that wholeness that makes us feel complete as human beings.

Use this Talisman to call upon that nuturing feminine energy that captures the healing power of the sea whilst holding within it the capability of raising a mighty storm when the situation calls for it.

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