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Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
Many more people are saying "Yes!" and then doing something about it.
These are stressful times. Now always seems to be the worst time to try to change things but when you're finding yourself repeating the same habits that you wish you could shake off and they seem to be affecting your life more and more, leaving you feeling totally stressed out, when the solution is far simpler than you might think! Whether it's stopping smoking, drinking, biting your nails or eating too much, or changing difficult behavioural problems that you wish you'd dealt with long ago - Hypnotherapy has helped many people just like you and with your free one hour consultation guaranteed now is the time to try.
You are right to be concerned about any unhelpful reoccurring behaviour which has been causing you problems or embarrassment in the past and more people are finding that, rather than putting it off, the ideal time for them to change their minds for the better is as soon as possible! By beginning a series of therapeutic sessions with Mindchanges you will develop new strategies and gain important insights about your own mind and how to defeat those irritating difficulties that have been so damaging in your past. 
People have become tired of their troublesome habits and the thoughts that plague them vausing them to make rash decisions that leads to a life based on emotions that are running out of control only to find they got into the same familiar situations they later regret? Instead of staying fed up with feeling those all too familiar situations repeating themselves they have booked a consultation to start on the road to rel change.

You're not alone. Many people are suffering from habits they believe cannot be shaken; habits that prevent them from being who they really could be. Imagine being proud of your new found  behaviours, especially when those old triggers return to press your buttons once again, knowing that you now have new ways of dealing with situations that previously set you off in the wrong direction. Just think for a moment, of the number of past occasions you would love to have altered if only you'd had that chance to change.
Mindchanges can help you to achieve new reactions that will be exactly what you're looking for.  Well now you can begin to do just that.

KALMA Therapies provides powerful Hypnotherapy services by Noel O'Halloran-Bindi working in South London, having already helped many satisfied clients overcome problematic behaviours through his 'Mindchanges' systems.

Using practical, transformational strategies you will be taken to a deeply relaxed state where the work with your subconscious self can begin, gently changing those long-held habits and behaviours in a way that will completely benefit you. Some of the work can also be carried out without the need to even enter a deep trance state, and for that reason we often refer to this as 'Relaxation Therapy'.  

Noel utilises a number of proven techniques that have helped clients make real changes in a very short time frame so you can be confident that you too can quickly move on, enjoying your life exactly the way it suits you. With Optional Online Consultations we help steer you through the changes you need to rid you of troublesome habits and behaviours.

Be in no doubt that the changes that can take place within you will be very  swift, powerful, and hugely beneficial.


Noel O'Halloran-Bindi

Hypnotherapist and Founder of 'Mindchanges'- Sound therapist and Thai massage specialist

List of Treatable Conditions
The following are just a small range of the kind of problems that Mindchanges Relaxation Hypnotherapy can help you with. We can discuss your particular issues during your free consultation and simply go from there...
Increased Focus
​Stress Relief
Smoking Cessation
Habit Cessation
Past Lives
Sleeping Problems
Pain Management
Sporting Performance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Substance Abuse
Skin Complaints and Rashes
Psoriasis and Eczema
Eating Disorders
Sexual Problems
Weight Loss
Self Loathing
Body Dysmorphia
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Childhood issues
Historical Abuse
Public Speaking
Compulsive Disorders
Lack of Energy
Digestive Problems
Stage Fright
Anger Management
Nail Biting
Life Coaching
Concentration Levels
For more information and 
to organise your FREE Consultation you can: 
Call out visits to your home can easily be arranged for a one-off additional cost of £50 - again  just ring Noel for details
Mindchanges Founder
Free Consultation
Treatable Conditions
MINDCHANGES offers a one hour private Consutation which is completely FREE when we discuss what problems exist that you are keen to change and then we can move forward to your prefered outcome. After the Consultation you can decide to continue to treatment which is charged at an hourly rate of £70.
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Free Consultation / Then £70 per hour

More Information
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