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The Field of Therapies Las Viñas ~ Spain

What a news into THE FIELD OF THERAPIES @Las Viñas in Spain:

"Water therapy"💦 a pool in the middle of nature where you can receive the benefit of relaxation, given by the gentle sound of a waterfall, directly on your back or, during the summer, by lying on special inflatable mattresses to achieve complete immersion in the aquatic environment.

During the cold weather the therapy can be applied just to the sound of the water coming from the waterfall acompained by the singing bawls (tibetan bells) sitting on the edge of the pool or on the internal staircase, (weather permitted).☯️

The idea is to insert colored fish and aquatic plants to create an autonomous and oxygenated environment.🐠🌿

For information write, I will be happy to answer you. When finished, I'll do an update.👍

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