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🌿🏺Bath Ritual Massage🏺🌿

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This Kalmatherapies massage lasts 90 minutes. It starts in the BATH ROOM with a 30 min. deep relaxation massage to lift up and gently rock the body while it is floating in the warm water. The atmosphere created simulates regression into the mother's womb as the first part of the therapy. Calming, relaxing music and lighting will accompany the application of a natural scrub created with freshly dried flower petals, seeds and dried berries which not only cleanse the skin, but refresh it, along with the application of mineral rich healing salts and essential oils.

The massage then continues in the therapy Room where the client will then receive a further 1 hour of Bio-emotional Therapy, a special massage detailed above. This part of the therapy is divided into three sections: -The first is the BLUE ROOM and the continuity of the warm feeling of the mother's womb by a light stroking massage on both sides (Baby position). -The second is the RED ROOM - a massage on the front to increase the levels of the energy Chakras.

The third is the SILENT ROOM. a massage on the front to increase the levels of the energy Chakras.

-The third is the SILENT ROOM. Here the client can experience the magical primal effects of Shamanic​ healing through the sounds of the Gong and Tibetan singing bowls, combined with crystals aligned along the body in correspondence with the Chakra positions. An energy level reading can be necessary before and after the Therapy to establish that balance has been achieved. Please avoid eating for one hour prior to this therapy to prevent indigestion.

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