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Beautiful Feedback

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It's always lovely to hear from a client who has enjoyed a Kalmatherapies treatment!

Usually the feedback I receive is short and sweet and I am always delighted to hear from my customers about how they feel after a session with me.

Sometimes the feedback is so beautiful that it deserves a space of it's own. I was so pleased to get this comment because it highlights so much of what I am working hard to achieve through my Massage Therapies.

This client experienced the Bio-Emotional Massage Therapy and their comments clearly demonstrate the insights that can be achieved through my therapeutic work....

"Review for a beautiful healer"

"Giovanna created a warm and safe environment before we started the session.

The session itself was like a spiritual journey exploring deeply into my beinga and brought up images I never had before. Like a vivid image of a monkey mother holding her baby and caressing it. I felt like I was the baby monkey...

like I was there in the jungle with my monkey mother! But it wasn't only maternal, I felt my own masculinity too, and although the session was not sexual in nature, it brought up feelings of empowerment and liberation from my own feelings of

insecurity. I wanted to make love to the universe and felt like the universe was a powerful sexual being!

Giovanna used art, music and imagery to create an environment that felt like theatre... But it was a play of my own life journey!

She is an amazing healer and I felt like something had touched me deeper than ever before... a deep-rooted feeling of positivity that everything is right with the world."


Thank you so much x


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