"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.." Rumi

Kalmatherapies is pleased to provide a beautiful Shamanic celebrational and healing experience - designed to your personal requirements to create wonderful memories with mystical insights and authentic  connections with yourself and others that reveal essential truths in our lives.

We provide:

Healing Sounds Circle

Shamanic Rituals

Tarot & Crystal Readings

Gong & Sound Baths

Drum & Chant Sessions

The Third Vision

Spanish Healing Retreat

3rd Vision Ecstatic Dance



Energy Therapist


Giovanna O'Halloran-Bindi

Masseuse, Chakra worker and healing sounds therapist

Healing Sounds Circle


We love experimenting with sound and spending time exploring the effects of sound which can be so healing and therapeutic and that's why we formed an informal monthly circle to try out new ideas and work collectively as a group because the sounds that a group of people can make when meeting together take on a different dynamic energy that can help us realise the healing power that we hold within ourself.

Numbers will be limited due to space but we hope that we can explore the energies of chant and sound baths during our two hour sessions which will be beneficial to everyone who comes.

Each session has a suggested donation of £3.

We hope to see you soon!


Giovanna & Noel

Shamanic Rituals

Kalmatherapies at Glastonbury

Would you like to have your own personalised shamanic ceremony or ritual to celebrate your important event in a way that truly reflects your love of Nature and the Universal Energy that surrounds you? We will help you design a ceremony that will honour the universal aspects of male and female energy that exist within us all.

Searching for a way to celebrate a birthday, or a wedding, or marking the crossing of a significant threshold in life (even preparing to let go of life itself) can prove to be a difficult task especially if you have your own views on how you would like it to take place. We can be relied on to produce a poignantbtiu ritual which will take into account your personal wishes for a spiritual ceremony that wilbe a eght to alll those attending.

With a wealth of experience in public performance and a sensitivity to personal energies, your individual requirements will be the basis to create a beautiful ritual / ceremony which will exactly suit your needs - whatever the occasion.

After our initial consultation we can begin by arranging a schedule to fit around your dates, times and places that you have chosen. We will then together formulate and agree a finalised structure for our big day. 


We will arrive on site with everything required for the event and carry out your wishes exactly as we discussed.

Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we are available for your event at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to creating something beautiful with you soon.

Tarot & Crystal Readings

Tarot & Crystal reading Kalmatherapies

Giovanna's highly attuned intuition has been the source of amazing revelations for so many people on so many occasions that she has decided to offer her skills to clients as an extra service.

Using the Tarot or crystals she is able to reveal hidden blockages and opportunities that may be hindering your progress or waiting to lead your life in a whole new exciting direction.

"Clients have told me how reassured they were after a reading that affirmed that they were on the right track or helped them identify the exact cause of a problem that they could now tackle in order to move on" she said on describing recent readings she has given.


"I use the cards and also my novel The Third Vision and crystals to focus my mind on the client and through these systems I am able to build up a vivid minds-eye picture of the clients current situation and help them determine a suitable way forward. It has been so nice to have been able to help so many people navigate their way through difficult times over the years and from doing it again at recent gong baths I have reawakened the pleasure I experienced from helping people in this way and now I'm happy to be able to offer this extra service for clients."

If you would like to arrange a reading with Giovanna please give her a call at Kalmatherapies or send a contact email to start the ball rolling. It could be the choice you make to change your life. 

Gong & Sound Baths

Gong Baths Kalmatherapies

As part of our work with Shamanic Energy sound is used throughout the treatments given as it so closely acts in a pure way to harmonise with the clients own energy centres. Our Sound Baths have been featured on BBC World Service (see video below)


The simple requirement is for you to relax and allow the beautiful ancient sounds to wash over you and bathe your body in loving vibration.

Because sound is devoid of opinion or judgement we like to think of its energy like neutral waves of unconditional love being sent out to the recipient, having a really activating and positive affect on their energy chakras and taking them to a place of calm introspectiveness and deep healing.

Clients often have a profound reaction to the vibrational harmonics which conjure up deep felt emotions with its majestic primeval sound.

You can receive a full gong & sound bath without massage for up to one hour by booking one through KALMA therapies or you may want to include it in your own Shamanic Ceremony. The Gong Bath includes a relaxation element based on Nidra Yoga techniques which will guide you verbally to a place of calmness, ready to receive the gongs vibrational blessings. We are pleased to provide Gong baths for individuals or groups.


The cost of a one hour individual gong & sound bath is just sixty pounds.



The Third vision Cover 1.png

Giovanna's new Novel "The Third Vision" is now complete!

Get YOUR copy HERE!


It features insights into the theory and practice of 'The Third Vision' which can help ALL of Humanity to join together to achieve the improvements in our daily life which will enrich our personal connection with ourself and others and ultimately this beautiful planet which we all share.

As the Introduction to 'The Third Vision' states:

"This is Lunia’s story, a young woman who dreams of escaping from her family and from the rest of the world that she observes through her window. 

One day, she discovers a strange object, which brings her into contact with Alex, a young American archaeologist engaged in excavations of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

Together they discover that they have a surprising destiny reserved for them, as they adventure across Egypt, Italy and England whilst researching a precious oracle: the Key that opens a mystery for all human kind on Earth. 

Fused between spirituality and thriller, their adventure blossoms into a rich scenario full of fantasy, which flows like a flooding river into the great sea of the Universe - with all of its secrets."



“We are not rigid separate things, but fluid elements in continuous vibration; like cells of the same blood, we are moving into the river of life, carrying with us nourishment for one body that encloses us all as pillars of the same temple.”

'The Temple of Life' by Giovanna O'Halloran-Bindi ©2006


After my recent experience with a 'Gong Bath and Mystical Reading' using my novel THE THIRD VISION, many people have requested more readings! :)


I strongly believe that this book is designed not just for exciting reading, but also to be used as a guide for people to find an answer to their questions and it can be used for personal reading at any time - similar to the way a Tarot is used.

I will try to satisfy as many people as possible who wish to receive a mystical reading using my intuition and my novel.

In order for me to read the message behind the words please follow the instructions demonstrated in this video:

To begin: first hold the book between your hands and close your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed, breathe deeply three times, relaxing as much as possible whilst concentrating on the question you have in mind.

Open the book slowly and calmly, then point your finger randomly at one page.

If you can tell me also the paragraph that you choose that would be great, but if you don't have the book then just choose a number between 3 and 179 (book's content pages) and send me it with a portrait picture of yourself by WhatsApp at 07951677398 or via email:

and I will be happy to complete your reading for you.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle format. As a thriller, based on spiritual contents it will take you on an incredible adventure as only THE THIRD VISION can.



Imagine relaxing in the beautiful Spanish countryside surrounded by orange, almond and olive trees with only the sound of the breeze and birdsong, the warm sun bringing you nourishment and vital energy as you feast each day on deliciously fresh home-grown, organic produce. 

We are very pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of setting up a beautiful rural retreat in Extremadura in South Western Spain where we will be running special holistic therapeutic retreats that will include gong baths, meditation, art, yoga, chanting, dance, labyrinths, contemplative pathways, further insights into The Third Vision lifestyle and much more. 

We will be posting updates here in the near future - so if you are interested in attending or running a session in Spain please email us.



Kalmatherapies Finca Retreat