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Reflections on KALMA Therapies

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Kalmatherapies Reflections
Kalmatherapies asks clients to reflect

This page is for reflection on something important which can help you and your therapist at Kalma Therapies to build an even better relationship between you both...

1. Reflecting is always a good thing to do before you book an appointment with KALMA Therapies. Please remember that waste of other peoples time is a sign of lack of consideration and respect; for the therapist and also yourself. Why would you arrange something nice for yourself and then deprive yourself of it? Surely this is a form of self-punishment which requires another type of therapy?

2. Many hours of Professional time can be lost each week by clients who fail to turn up for their appointments when a simple text or phone call could allow the therapist to arrange another appointment for someone who really needs it. Without a text or call this time is lost forever and could have helped someone to turn heir life around at a time when they needed it most.

3. Maybe you need contact with someone else? That feeling of connection which is missing from so many lives? When you make an appointment you are also making a commitment to yourself to take action which you feel will improve your feelings about yourself, so don't let yourself down by not seeing it through (unless there are real reasons for not attending - and only you can know what is true and what is not true). So be true to yourself and make a decision to be truthful to others by keeping your word and letting us at KALMA Therapies know, with respect, when your feelings or circumstances change.

4. If you change your mind that is fine.... just keep KALMA Therapies in the loop too. By treating others with respect you will retain your own self belief and esteem and the door will always be open for you to return when the time is right. Nobody minds if plans are changed - as long as you are honest and respectful about it - which means considering someone else's feelings and being a little less selfish. If you practise being less selfish you will find it will benefit you in many other areas of your life too. So remember - if you are not sure about seriously having an appointment with KALMA Therapies please DON'T book it.

If would like to book an appointment with KALMA Therapies in advance a deposit of 25% will be required to confirm your request. If I have to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment then your deposit will not be refunded.

With Best Wishes


KALMA Therapies

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