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If you find this ancient knowledge fascinating and enlightening please consider joining our Veda Club to explore this compelling subject together


Discover Ayurveda's Primary medicine - FOOD! - and how we can prepare foods which are best for us so that they act on our Doshas in a way which improves our health.


Find again your spiritual connection with the Universal Energy that guides our brief existence on this wonderful planet and the mysteries that come from love.


Learn simple exercises no matter what your age or fitness level. Let's find out what works for us and build a daily routine to gently increase our inner and outer strength.


Explore Mantras, Chants, and Meditative sounds as a way of connecting with the guiding spirit to gain a deeper understanding of what really matters in life


Improve your knowledge of Ayurveda by discovering and sharing books that others found useful while exchanging links to articles we can all benefit from .

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A reading selection

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The mind affects all


Spiritual journeys

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Yoga for you


Recipes and food info

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Word Power

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Getting out there

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